R&B Singer Aaliyah’s Final Words Are Truly Heartbreaking

By | January 31, 2022

It’s been sixteen years since the untimely R&B queen Aaliyah’s death. It still seems surreal after this amount of time. Last year Aaliyah’s boyfriend at the time of her death decided to open up about Aaliyah’s passing with The Real.


Damon told The Real that had he been there he would have made sure Aaliyah would have not been on that plane. He had stayed back for family events and we can only imagine the pain he had to go through with the questioning of “What ifs?”


Dash recounted the last conversation he had with Aaliyah: “She told me she was going to the Bahamas, and I was against it, like, ‘Yo, don’t go,’” Dash said. “And then down to the last — we had the Blackberry — down to the last Blackberry that we had, before she went there she was like, ‘Yo, I don’t like that plane.’

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