15 Single Vs Married Life Photos, How It Really Is

By | September 11, 2023

You know that moment when you’re single and all you ever want is to be with someone and start a beautiful life together? As humans, we crave companionship and getting married is something we all long for. So when you finally get married, you expect it to be the most amazing experience. Just like the movies because that’s what culture has taught us. But is it?

Stay with us and check the next pages for a few before and after marriage pictures. You’ll see for yourself.


 From King to Servant

You know how before you get married you’re all talk, you feel like you’re the king of the world and you’re the best in everything. Well, after marriage, you don’t really call the shots anymore, do you?


What’s Yours, is OURS. What’s Mine, is Also MINE

Before getting married, you can spend all the money in the world on things that don’t matter. After marriage, you find out you can no longer think about just yourself, but someone else as well. And it’s no longer YOUR money, it’s OUR money, honey!


From Hot Bod to Dad Bod

You know how much you worked to get your abs before getting married? After marriage, we usually tend to let go of ourselves, isn’t it? Wonder why is that.


King Bed to Queen’s Bed

You know how much you love to spread in your bed? After marriage, the bed will be one quarter yours, and the other for your spouse. That’s just how it is.


Less is More

Your style doesn’t drastically change after marriage. But sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. Getting ready probably took. hours when you were single but it takes minutes to get ready after marriage.


Alexa, Add Drinking With My Friends to My Schedule on Friday

You know how much you hated the idea of having to schedule to see your friends back in high school? And how things changed when you started working and all your friends were on a different schedule? Now it’s even more hectic and making time for friends turns into a task.


The Stages of Relationship Statuses

We all know the circle of relationship statuses. We’re cocky, and confident when single. We complain our way through marriage because is it even a marriage if there’s no bickering on a regular basis? And then we have nothing left when we divorce. Or do we get it all?


How to Get Laid: A Picture Book

Men will try anything to get a woman in the bed. But they need to bring a new level of A-game after marriage. Before marriage, it’s overused lines. After marriage? Well, it’s housework, baby. Yeah that simple!


Different Life, Different Weights

Before getting married, we all go to the gym and lift incredibly heavy weights. Biceps, triceps, abs, it’s all created in the gym when single. But the weights we lift after marriage? Groceries. How about that.


From Calling People Sir to Actually Being Sir

Before marriage, we go out with hot people. After marriage, our days are filled with playing with our kids and going out with people who have kids.


Traveling Light

Image: brightside

You know how when you’re young, you can just pack a bag and go on an adventure spontaneously. But after marriage, there’s no more spontaneity. You naturally care more about safety, and comfort. And that takes up a lot of space.


Different Sports

When you’re single, you’re out there playing ball. Married, you’re inside praying to catch a break. And the only sports you play is with your kids.


From Queen to Harley Quinn

It’s like a switch. During our first dates we try to be our best selves. And leave the surprise for later. You know, like Taylor Swift says, “be that girl, for a month, wait the worst is yet to come.”

Of course, all these pictures mock different aspects of marriage. Because besides the mockery, marriage is a choice and definitely beautiful if you play your cards right. And it’s a bonus if you end up with some who makes life fun and easy. The person who gets you. Who makes life in general – a lifelong adventure.

So what do you think? Is marriage what you thought it would be?

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