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By Pop Superstar | February 2nd, 2022

15 Single Vs Married Life Photos, How It Really Is

You know that moment when you’re single and everybody is in a relationship and they’re all really happy? And then…..

By Pop Superstar | January 31st, 2022

R&B Singer Aaliyah’s Final Words Are Truly Heartbreaking

It’s been sixteen years since the untimely R&B queen Aaliyah’s death. It still seems surreal after this amount of time……

By Pop Superstar | January 31st, 2022

15 Things That Turn Men On According To Relationship Experts

While all men are different and each one will have his own specific turn ons, there are some universally lovable-to-men…..

By Pop Superstar | October 29th, 2020

Jay Z DID NOT Set Up $15M Trust Fund For Close Friend Nipsey Hussle’s Kids (Correction)

Jay-Z loves to give back, especially to those that are dear to him. As generous as he is though we…..

By Pop Superstar | March 1st, 2020

LAPD Sheriff’s Department BUSTED Trying To Cover-Up Kobe Bryant Death Pic Scandal!

In a shocking revelation the LAPD Sheriff’s Department was recently BUSTED attempting to cover-up Kobe Bryant’s death picture scandal. The…..

By Pop Superstar | February 13th, 2018

Cardi B Rocks A Gold Overcoat Next To Fiancé Offset At Exclusive New York Fashion Week Show (Pics)

Cardi B and Offset are out here making money moves!                    …..