By Rosy Lawrence | January 2nd, 2023

Actor LaKeith Stanfield Allegedly Has A SECRET BABY and His Baby Mama Just Exposed Him!

TV show Atlanta actor LaKeith Stanfield’s baby mama Tylor Hurd is EXPOSING the engaged actor and claims that he has…..

By Monica Miller | November 24th, 2022

Mexico Issues An ARREST Warrant For Woman They Say Killed Shanquella (We Got The DETAILS!)

Mexico issues an arrest warrant for the woman they say killed Shanquella Robinson! She mysteriously died while on vacation in…..

By Monica Miller | November 20th, 2022

DEATH VIDEO Of Shanquella Robinson LEAKS, She Was ‘Choke Slammed’ F.B.I. Now Involved!

The death video of Shanquella Robinson leaks, she was “choke slammed.” Now the F.B.I. is involved in the case! Everyone…..

By Monica Miller | November 16th, 2022

25 Yr Old Shanquella Robinson DIED In Mexico, Was It An ACCIDENT Or Was She KILLED? (Video)

25-year-old Shanquella Robinson died in Mexico while on vacation with friends. But was it an accident or was she killed?…..

By Monica Miller | October 11th, 2022

SHOCK VIDEO: Old Lady Has Heart Attack After Receiving Lap Dance While At SENIOR CENTER!

Shock video: an old lady had a heart attack after receiving a lap dance while at a senior center! She…..

By Monica Miller | September 14th, 2022

Kimora Lee Simmons To Join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!!

Kimora Lee Simmons is to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! The model is already friends with many Real Housewives…..

By Monica Miller | July 23rd, 2022

Los Angeles County FINALLY Returns $75 Million Bruce’s Beach Property Back to RIGHTFUL Owning Black Family! (FULL DETAILS)

Los Angeles County finally returns the $75 million Bruce’s Beach property back to its rightful owners, a black family. The…..

By Monica Miller | May 15th, 2022

White Supremacist Teen Mass Shooter Kills 10 Mostly BLACK, In Buffalo NY! (Caught On LIVE)

White supremacist teen mass shooter reportedly killed ten people in Buffalo, New York. Among his videos were mostly black people……

By Monica Miller | January 27th, 2022

Black Gay Hyattsville Mayor Kevin Ward Found DEAD! (Police Say Suicide But May Be Murder)

Black, gay Hyattsville Mayor Kevin Ward has been found dead. Police are reportedly claiming the mayor committed suicide, but people…..

By Rosy Lawrence | November 22nd, 2021

Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Family: ‘It Was An Accident He’s Innocent Just Like Kyle Rittenhouse!’

While many innocent people lost their lives caused by the accident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Sunday, family members of the…..