About launched in 2016 and quickly became one of the top destination for urban celebrity gossip news. Popular Superstars covers breaking celebrity and entertainment topics with a focus on urban culture. Our stories our frequently shared by top celebrities on social media and our website gets millions of visitors per month. in fact we work closely with many celebrities and their staffs directly. We attribute Popular Superstars success to its editorial team who does more than give the inside scoop on celebrity stories but more importantly RELATES to the experience of its readers. is owned by MCM llc a Wyoming Corporation.

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Who doesn’t love movies, TV shows and the popular superstars that grace them? Who isn’t sucked in by showbiz news content? We always want to know more and more importantly be one of the first to get the inside scoop!

Knowing more about our favorite popular superstars and celebrities that are making headlines makes them a little more human and relatable. At we cover all the action inside and out making headlines.

But often with other publications, all you end up getting is the tip of the ice berg. You see your favorite celebrities perform onstage admire and even worship the ground they walk on without ever really getting to see what really goes on in their lives. We bet you wonder what happens backstage after the show or in their personal lives.

Well, not anymore.

Popular Superstars Insider
With PopularSuperstars.Com, you now have THE INSIDE SCOOP! We help you see some of the things celebrities often try to hide about themselves. Their other sides. Their REAL SIDES. Now you can see what their lives are like off camera. What their secrets, weaknesses, funny sides, family and friends are like. Get to know what makes them tick or what ticks them off!
We basically “strip them naked” before your eyes to reveal their human, often lighter side. You’d be shocked by the things you’d discover on this site. But don’t worry; everything on PopularSuperstars.Com is done with finesse and in good taste.
The site also deals with news, the rich and famous, fashion, fitness and sports. Whatever coincides with the lives and careers of your favorite popular superstars we cover.

In short, PopularSuperstars.Com humanizes those we idolize in urban America. Showing what celebs really are like —that they are humans just like us.

In a way, popular superstars are also us—you and me. What we admire in popular people often reflects who we are inside. . our dreams, desires, goals and aspirations, even failures. That’s how we become superstars ourselves in our own right.