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By Rosy Lawrence | April 30th, 2022

Ray J Calls Total BS On Clip Of Kanye West Delivering Kim Kardashian’s S*x Tape! (Details)

Ray J is calling out Kim Kardashian for her recent claims that Kanye received a computer and hard drive containing…..

By Rosy Lawrence | April 12th, 2022

Kim Kardashian Reveals She Called Kanye After Son Saint, 6, Heard About ‘Unreleased’ S*x Tape With Ray J!

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s biggest nightmare just came true! In a latest clip of the show The Kardashians, Kim…..

By Monica Miller | April 12th, 2022

Kim Kardashian Threatens To ‘Burn Ray J’s Team To The Ground’ Over Alleged 2nd S*x Tape! (Details)

Kim Kardashian reportedly threatens to “burn” Ray J‘s team over an alleged second s*x tape, as rumors claim he plans…..

By Monica Miller | January 9th, 2022

Explicit Pics Of Kanye’s New GF Fox Julia ‘LEAK’ (Tape Just Like Kim & Ray J!)

Explicit pictures of Kanye West‘s new girlfriend Julia Fox leaked online, and it looks like she has a tape just…..

By Rosy Lawrence | September 26th, 2021

Wack100: New Ray J-Kim Kardashian Tape Has ‘Disgusting’ Alleged Urination Scene!

Rapper Wack 100 claims that he has a private version of Ray J-Kim Kardashian s*x tape and he is revealing…..

By Monica Miller | September 20th, 2021

Wack 100 Confirms He Has Another More Explicit Kim Kardashian & Ray J S*x Tape! (Ray J Responds)

You remember that, long ago, Kim Kardashian used to be known for her adult tape, and now Wack100 claims he…..

By Rosy Lawrence | June 28th, 2021

Wendy Williams Caught Out On A ‘DATE’ w/ Ray J Norwood In NYC! (Exclusive Pics)

Talk show host Wendy Williams, 56, was recently seen on a date with TV personality Ray J, 40.  The two…..

By Rosy Lawrence | June 11th, 2021

Ray J: I Made Princess Love Wait Whole 6 Months To Have Sex w/ Me! (Details)

Ray J and Princess Love are no longer together but Ray J still cannot stop talking about his ex-wife.  Princess…..

By Rosy Lawrence | March 17th, 2021

Ray J and Princess Love BACK TOGETHER – Legally Call Off Divorce! (Full Details)

First she filed for a divorce, then he filed for one. But they’ve both decided to call off the divorce,…..

By Monica Miller | February 8th, 2021

Ray J ‘Kind Of Getting Back Together With Princess Love – Shacking Up In Miami! (Details)

New year, new attempt to get back together. Ray J, who had filed for divorce last year, claims that he…..