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By Rosy Lawrence | October 20th, 2022

Princess Love Explains: I Did THREESOMES To Try And Stop Ray J From CHEATING!

Princess Love explains that she had THREESOMES to try and stop Ray J from CHEATING! Ray J and Princess Love’s…..

By Rosy Lawrence | October 8th, 2022

R&B Singer Ray J Threatens To COMMIT SUICIDE On IG After Pressure From Kardashian ‘LIES’!

R&B singer Ray J threatens to COMMIT SUICIDE on IG after pressure from Kardashian ‘LIES’! 41-year-old singer and media personality…..

By Rosy Lawrence | October 1st, 2022

Comedy Central UNABLE To Air Full Charlamagne Interview w/ Ray J . . . They’re Scared Of The Kardashians!

Comedy Central UNABLE to air full Charlamagne tha God interview with Ray J. The popular TV show host claims that…..

By Monica Miller | September 23rd, 2022

Transgender Woman Claims That She Had Relations w/ Ray J & Trey Songz . . . ‘They Didn’t Know’!!

A transgender woman claims that she had relations with both Ray J and Trey Songz… Claims they didn’t know she…..

By Monica Miller | September 21st, 2022

Ray J Says Kris Jenner Got His Instagram Live Shut Down!!

Ray J says Kris Jenner got his Instagram Live shut down, in a new accusation to the “momager” of the…..

By Monica Miller | September 11th, 2022

Ray J Exposes Kanye West, Kim K & Kris Jenner Over S*X TAPE Lies!! (Full DETAILS)

Ray J exposes Kanye West, Kim K, and Kris Jenner over their s*x tape lies! The singer has accused them…..

By Monica Miller | September 2nd, 2022

Ray J Joins Kanye West in Exposing ‘MASTERMIND’ Kris Jenner, ‘You Tried to RUIN Me!’ (Full Details)

Kanye West and Ray J have gone off on “mastermind” Kris Jenner, exposing all her lies! Ray even went as…..

By Monica Miller | August 26th, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Ray J And Wife Princess Love BACK TOGETHER . . . Both Forgive Each Others Cheating!

Ray J and his wife, Princess Love, are back together! And they seemingly both forgave each other for cheating! Stay…..

By Monica Miller | May 10th, 2022

Ray J Would Still Be w/ Kim Kardashian If Khloe Didn’t Steal Money From His Family!

Ray J shared that he would probably still be with Kim Kardashian… if her sister, Khloe, didn’t steal money from…..

By Monica Miller | May 5th, 2022

Ray J SPILLS ALL THE TEA Claims Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Are LIARS – Exploring Possible LAWSUIT!

Ray J spills all the tea about the tape involving Kim Kardashian. The singer claimed Kim and Kris Jenner are…..