Black and White: A Life-Changing Encounter

By | October 9, 2019

Like most of us, Matt White does his grocery shopping on a weekly basis. Apart from a haul of tasty food, nothing spectacular usually comes from it. On one particular night, however, all that changed. Matt was on his way to the nearest store in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Little did he know that this seemingly ordinary trip would completely change two people’s lives. A rather unusual thing happened after he paid for his groceries. He was approached by someone he had never met before – a young lad named Chauncy Jones Black.

Chauncy Jones Black came from a marginal family in South Memphis and had traveled to the grocery store in search of food. However, he was not, as you might be thinking, a beggar. He mustered up the courage to approach Matt, not knowing that the encounter would change both their lives forever. Indeed, this night left them irreversible connected.

A Regular Shopping Trip
It was just another basic grocery night for Matt White, carried out in the usual way at his usual store (Krogers). At the time, he had no idea that something unusual was brewing; something that would completely alter his life. Matt is a graduate of Music Business, and was 30 years old when the saga you’re about to read began.

Matt was busy walking aisle by aisle, grabbing the usual supplies. A few minutes after paying for his haul, he saw someone walking up to him. He tried to make out how he might know this person, but the boy was a complete stranger.