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By Rosy Lawrence | October 28th, 2022

#BlackDoctorsMatter Is Trending On Twitter After Dr Saved Patient’s Life By Removing ‘Stuck’ Lacefront!

#BlackDoctorsMatter is trending on Twitter after a doctor saved a patient’s life by removing ‘Stuck’ lacefront wig! The hashtag #BlackDoctorsMatter…..

By Rosy Lawrence | April 25th, 2020

Popular New York Rapper Fred The Godson Dies From COVID-19

Rapper Fred The Godson has passed away as he lost his battle with Covid-19.  The rapper was diagnosed weeks ago…..

By Rosy Lawrence | March 16th, 2020

Keri Hilson Says 5G Causes COVID-19: ‘People Have Been Trying To Warn Us About 5G For YEARS!’

There have been a lot of crazy theories going on about the origination of the deadly Coronavirus aka Covid-19. But…..

By Rosy Lawrence | October 15th, 2019

New Study Results Show: 90% of Americans Have Herpes! (Video)

A viral video claims that nearly ‘EVERYONE in America has herpes’.  A video on Youtube channel truTV is going viral…..

By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

Old-Fashioned Hygiene Tips That Will Leave You Cringing

It’s no secret that throughout the course of history, both men and women (mostly women) have done a lot of…..