Terms of Service

Terms of Service 

The following Terms of Service govern your use of the site, Popular Superstars. Using this site means you accept all the terms and conditions cited here. Otherwise, you are not allowed to use this site.

Using this site in any way (viewing, browsing, etc.) binds you to everything included in these Terms of Service.

Links to Other Sites

Links displayed on this site is not owned or controlled by us. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the way they work, the contents they have, what they offer or sell, their services or their general function. We all the more maintain that we assume no responsibility over third parties they may be linked to.

Hence, we advice that extra care be made when visiting any site online, particularly being aware of the terms and conditions of said sites and their privacy policy, especially sites that are accessed through a link on our site.

Intellectual Properties

Popular Superstars exists for your personal enjoyment and non-commercial use alone. Everything on the site—texts, graphics, data compilations, articles, button icons, images, logos, audio and video, software and others (collectively referred as “Materials”)—is the property of the site owners, including its content suppliers. Distribution, modification, exchange, reproduction, sale or transmission of the same are all prohibited, whatever the purpose.

Materials found on the site are protected by relevant laws, including international copyright and trademark laws. Any unauthorized use of such Materials violates these laws. You are also not allowed to frame or use any such techniques to enclose any part of the site, or any Materials found on it, without the written consent of the site owners.


Popular Superstars shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive and any special damages, including profit or data loss or interruptions to business as a result of the use or the inability thereof, or omissions or errors found in any of the contents of functions of this site.

Any damage or need for repairs or service or correction of data or equipment as a result of using any element or Materials found on this site will be shouldered by you.

Laws Applicable

Access of this site from outside the country of its origin, users, being in other countries, are held accountable for complying with the applicable laws of those countries. These Terms of Use are governed and used solely in the context of existing laws of the country of its origin.

Changes to These Terms of Service

Any changes to these Terms of Services will be made any time without prior notice to users. It is the responsibility of all users and visitors, therefore, to always check with these Terms of Service for any modifications, changes or updates each time they use or visit the site.