Lil Wayne

| August 29th, 2020

Fans Worry About Lil Wayne’s Health & Old Opioid Addiction After New ‘Bald Dusty’ Pics Leak! (Photos)

Fans worry about Lil Wayne’s health & old opioid addiction after new ‘Bald Dusty’ pics leak! Lil Wayne is one…..

| August 20th, 2020

Rapper Turk: Me & Lil Wayne Slept With Two Sisters In Houston & He Gave Crabs To Toya!

Friends who contract STD’s together, stay together…   Hot Boys rapper Turk born Tab Virgil Jr. revealed, just how tight he…..

| August 19th, 2020

Celina Powell: Lil Wayne & Tekashi Told Me Nicki Minaj Is Having A Baby Girl!

Celina Powell is doing everything she can to stay in the spotlight. The Instagram model shared during an interview that…..

| August 9th, 2020

Explicit Pics Of Lil Wayne’s 200lb BBW GF Denise Bidot Leak: She Carries It Well! (Pics)

Rapper Lil Wayne‘s BBW girlfriend Denise Bidot is slowly becoming one of the best known plus-size models in the world…..

| August 1st, 2020

Lil Wayne’s BBW GF Denise Bidot Blew Up During Quarantine – Now 300 LBS! (Pics)

Rapper Lil Wayne and his new flame Denise Bidot are still going strong. Infact some might say that the lovebirds…..

| July 9th, 2020

50 Cent: Just Kidding About ‘Exotics’ I’m Dating A ‘Strong Black Woman’ Now! (Pics)

Rapper 50 Cent was slammed for his latest comments about black women and preferring only “exotic” women. Days later, he…..

| July 6th, 2020

50 Cent: Exotic Women Look Different From The Sh*t You See In The Neighborhood aka ‘Angry Black Women!’

50 Cent is back on the headlines with another controversy. The music mogul who recently became single has shared online…..

| June 27th, 2020

Lil Wayne’s New GF Denise Bidot Weighs 260 Lbs; Even Bigger Than His Plus Sized Ex! (Pics)

Rapper Lil Wayne recently went IG official with his new plus-sized model girlfriend Denise Bidot who is even BIGGER than…..

| June 24th, 2020

Lauren London’s Son Kameron Looks JUST Like His Dad Lil Wayne! (Pics)

To celebrate Father’s Day, Reginae Carter decided to post a cute picture of her dad and little brothers, Kameron, Neal…..

| May 19th, 2020

Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Carter Talks ‘BEEF’ w Lori Harvey Over ‘Cheating!’

Lil Wayne‘s daughter Reginae Carter has just stepped on social media to address some concerns among her fans. She opened…..