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| April 3rd, 2020

Does Cardi B Have Coronavirus? Rushed To ER After Being Sick For ‘5 Days!’ (Details)

Cardi B has been very outspoken about coronavirus since the whole thing started. At first, she hated the whole social…..

| April 2nd, 2020

Idris and Sabrina Elba Are ‘Stuck In Limbo’ After Surviving Quarantine Period (Details)

A few weeks ago, Idris Elba was among the first celebrities to test positive for coronavirus. He made the announcement,…..

| March 27th, 2020

Stayve ‘Slim Thug’ Thomas Updates On His Coronavirus Status: ‘Y’all Be Careful Out There Man, It’s REAL!’

A few days ago, rapper Stayve “Slim Thug” Thomas revealed he tested positive for coronavirus. The star said that he…..

| March 25th, 2020

Idris Elba Calls Cardi B Stupid Over COVID-19 Comments: ‘Bullsh*t Just Stupidness!’

Yesterday, Cardi B called out other celebrities who revealed they tested positive for COVID-19. While the entire world is concerned…..

| March 23rd, 2020

Cardi B Thinks Celebs Are Being Paid To Say They Have Coronavirus: ‘Pay Me Too!’

These days, a lot of the news revolves around the coronavirus pandemic. Already there have been a lot of conspiracy…..

| March 22nd, 2020

Sabrina Dhowre Elba Tests POSITIVE For Coronavirus – Defends Not Leaving Idris Elba’s Side!

Less than a week ago, actor Idris Elba confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus. And now his wife, Sabrina…..

| March 22nd, 2020

Idris Elba Debunks Rumor He’s In Critical Condition After Hoax Video: ‘I’m Fine For Now.’

Idris Elba was among the first Black celebrities to get coronavirus. He has been very open about his situation, but…..

| March 19th, 2020

Idris Elba: Stop Spreading Nonsense About Black People Not Being Able To Get Coronavirus – It’s Dumb!

In times of crisis, people act differently. Some make up conspiracies, others make up crazy theories. And now Idris Elba,…..

| March 17th, 2020

Actor Idris Elba Announced He Has COVID-19 Coronavirus On Twitter: ‘Stay Home People And Be Pragmatic!’

Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be making any exceptions. And do you think it cares about age, status or skin color?…..

| December 19th, 2019

Actor Idris Elba & Wife Sabrina Are Expecting A Baby! (Exclusive Baby Bump Pics)

47-year-old actor Idris Elba is ready to become a father as his new bride Sabrina is expecting her first child,…..