Summer Walker Gets Violently BEAT UP… By Her Two Year Old Daughter Bubbles AGAIN! (WTF!?!)

By | March 23, 2023

Summer Walker, mother-of-three, kept her kids’ faces mostly out of the spotlight for a while. However, lately, the single mother has been sharing posts about her three kids often. Her oldest child, Bubbles, whose father is London on da Track, has often been seen on social media in the past.

And the latest posts she shared of Bubbles acting “CUTE” are getting interpreted as VIOLENT on social media.

At least two separate videos of Summer Walker with her 2-year-old daughter Bubbles are going VIRAL on the internet today. The two videos were taken a week apart however, the content in the video is pretty much the same.

Image: hot97


Fans all over the internet are appalled after seeing Summer Wallker’s two-year-old going into a VIOLENT RAGE and beating her mother.

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