By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

Golden Retriever Jumps Into Water – Returns a Hero

Dogs are, as the old saying goes, “man’s best friend.” They make the most faithful companions and often help their…..

By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

The Amazing Story of a Sick Lioness and the Miracle that Saved Her

Get ready to meet Sheila, a beautiful lioness who spent most of her life as a show animal and performer…..

By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

Today’s Look At Some of the Most Intriguing Abandoned Locations

Whether you’re fascinated by them or terrified of them, you have to admit, abandoned areas are creepy. Often dark and dreary, they haven’t seen another…..

By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

Kindergarten Sweethearts Turn Out To Be Each Other’s Soulmates

Ever heard of a preschool being the starting point for a blossoming romance? Matt Grodsky and Laura Sheel met when…..

By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

Old-Fashioned Hygiene Tips That Will Leave You Cringing

It’s no secret that throughout the course of history, both men and women (mostly women) have done a lot of…..

By Vania Raebel | June 21st, 2019

Yearbook Photos: Celebrity Edition

Whether it’s acne breakouts, crooked teeth, wacky hairdos, or nerdy glasses, everyone is familiar with the woes of puberty. Even…..

By Vania Raebel | June 20th, 2019

Man Introduces His Wife To Two Gorillas He Raised. What Happened Next Was Not What He Expected.

Victoria knew what she was getting into when she married Damian Aspinall, an owner of two zoos. It would be…..