By Rosy Lawrence | January 17th, 2021

Soho Karen Miya Ponsetto Allegedly Planning To Profit From Her Infamy On OnlyFans!

Miya Ponsetto, the 22-year-old who accused a black teen of stealing her phone and assaulted him, has quickly become one…..

By Monica Miller | January 17th, 2021

Rapper Algernod ‘Plies’ Washington Replaced Rotting Teeth – Bought a Brand New Smile! (Pics)

Popular Florida rapper Plies, on his real name Algernod Washington, has replace his gold teeth, which were completely rotting. He…..

By Monica Miller | January 17th, 2021

Exclusive Pics of Kelly Rowland’s Giant Pregnant Baby Bump – Looks Ready To Pop! (Pics)

Former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland is very pregnant, but she looks just as amazing as always. As she was…..

By Rosy Lawrence | January 16th, 2021

Fans Upset IG Model India Westbrooks Got Giant New Butt Implants: ‘Ruined Her Natural Look!’ (Pics)

Fans are not very happy about India Westbrooks’ new GIANT butt implants. Model and social media personality India Westbrooks, famously…..

By Monica Miller | January 16th, 2021

Beyonce’s Nephew Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. Has Messy Break Up w/ Skai Jackson! (Fighting On IG Receipts)

Beyonce‘s nephew Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. was dating Disney star Skai Jackson – until a few weeks ago. The…..

By Monica Miller | January 16th, 2021

Vanessa Bryant: ‘I’m Struggling With Grief But My Daughters Are Reasons To Live’ (Full Details)

Vanessa Bryant lost her husband, NBA legend Kobe Bryant and one of her daughters, Gigi, nearly a year ago. Vanessa…..

By Rosy Lawrence | January 15th, 2021

Famous Transgender ‘Rolling Ray’s Wig Catches On Fire – Suffers Horrible Burns! (Video)

Famous transgender Rolling Ray has been hospitalized after suffering severe burns due to his wig catching fire. Image: mtonews Hit…..

By Monica Miller | January 15th, 2021

Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Caught Out w/ New Man – Much Younger Than Dre! (Pics)

Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, announced early last summer that they will be getting a divorce. Has Nicole…..

By Monica Miller | January 15th, 2021

L&HH Atlanta Star Atasha ‘Tommi’ Jefferson Bleaches B**tyhole & Livestreams It! (Video)

Celebrities make a lot of efforts to always be in top shape. Sometimes, that includes some under the knife work……

By Rosy Lawrence | January 14th, 2021

Mary J. Blige Slaps Away Tyrese Gibson’s Hand From Grabbing Her Thigh In Viral Clip!

R&B singer Mary J. Blige celebrated her 50th birthday this week and the singer celebrated the big milestone with a…..