Two Strange Objects Found By Two Farmers In Two Different Places… All At The Same Time!

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Everyone knows that farmers are the ones responsible for yielding the crops we eat. Their job description involves feeding animals, planting seeds, watering them, nurturing them, and harvesting them (among about a million other things). All of this sounds like pretty normal work. However, sometimes things can get strange for farmers. From crop circles to disappearing cows, our trusty farmers have many a bizarre tale to tell.

The story you’re about to read is one of the best of them. Two farmers from distant properties found two mysterious and seemingly connected objects at the same time. While this could be put down to coincidence, there are some key features of the objects (like the fact that they’re both thousands of years old) that make it seem like something more than just chance. While research suggested that the two ancient artifacts are connected, these farmers had no idea what they were even looking at when they first discovered them.

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