The Smartest Presidents in American History

By | October 4, 2019

The secretive action that goes on behind the scenes of politics is a fascinating topic. From malicious gossip to covert gun deals, America’s politicians have some wild tales to tell. So much so that many enjoy as much notoriety as Hollywood celebrities. But have you ever wondered how smart these leaders really are, considering all the controversies that seem to hound them? Do they really deserve a seat in the Oval Office?

There’s only one way to gauge their intelligence – by digging up their IQ results. Although strong people-skills and charisma are just two of the many things expected of them, a barometer of their Intellectual Quotient serves as a reliable tool of how capable they are in serving the country. That said, we have rounded up a comprehensive list of US presidents with the highest IQs. Refresh your memory of US history by learning which of the nation’s leaders boasted Einstein-calibre intelligence.

Ulysses S. Grant – IQ 130
Since the average person’s IQ sits between 85 and 115, hovering at an IQ of 130 is quite impressive. The Whiskey Ring scandal erupted shortly after the start of Ulysses Grant’s second presidential term. The scheme saw the involvement of his team in bribing other government officials and whiskey distillers.

Let’s not forget that this leader was also the 18th President of the United States and a commander of the Union army in the American Civil War. That said, do you think his above average IQ was utilized well during his regime?