Stunning Drone Images Taken Around The World

By | October 4, 2019

The soaring popularity of drone photography in recent years has opened up new ways for people to appreciate the world around them. Millions everywhere can now see their planet and the society that resides on it from viewpoints that were once inaccessible. From swooping landscapes to death-defying selfies, drone shots are meant to shock, amaze, and inspire.

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, drone photography is expected to get even better in the years to come. Most new drones are now equipped with innovative and enhanced cameras, capturing images and videos of the highest quality. Expect drone photographers to get even more creative as new technology becomes available.

Here, we’ve put together some of the most incredible drone shots that have ever been posted online. These photos will take your breath away – you have been warned!

Close Encounter

These two young ladies appear unfazed, smiling and giving each other a high five as a great white shark swims right up next to them. This photo was taken in the waters of California, where the two were traveling and filming for a documentary.

Kelly, one of the young ladies in the photo, proudly shares that they were so close to the shark that they could see its fins and gills in great detail. Despite the situation, the two were all smiles as they posed for this photo, which was then posted online. The shark stayed nearby for a few minutes before eventually swimming away. Even if it was just a brief encounter, it was certainly more than enough to get their hearts racing!