Science on Ice: All The Most Incredible Discoveries

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The Arctic world is full of mystery, with many undiscovered secrets trapped within its icy embrace. For this reason, scientists are forever braving the cold and treacherous conditions, on the hunt for relics of the past that have been swallowed and preserved by ice. Because of the gradual increase in temperatures brought about by global warming, a great many things are once again being unearthed, or rather, un-iced, by these intrepid scientists. These new discoveries are always exciting, both for researchers and the public back home, serving as portals to the past, with some even dating back well into the time before the common era. Many of the discovered bodies are found perfectly preserved by their frozen tombs, allowing for in-depth examination and analysis.

While some of these findings are strange, they are almost always harmless. As you will soon discover, though, a few of them would have been better left on ice. In this gallery article, we will be sharing with you some of the most mysterious, inexplicable, and fascinating discoveries in the frosty reaches of the north and south poles. Brace yourselves: winter is coming.

Ice–One, Lighthouse–Zero
In certain parts of the world, the winter temperature can drop so low it’s capable of completely freezing architectural structures (if you’re from Michigan, this won’t be news to you). Sadly, this lighthouse was not able to hold itself together when faced with just one such almighty frost. The wonky ice staircase looks like it was designed by the animators who worked on the Disney film, Frozen.

This structure was unlucky to have faced the freezing cold alone and defenseless. Though really, it was a good thing no living beings were occupying it at the time because they surely would’ve perished from temperatures capable of freezing and warping metal. Considering this type of event isn’t unheard of in Michigan, imagine how tough winter must be for the locals? Thank goodness for whisky and central heating!

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