Science on Ice: All The Most Incredible Discoveries

By | October 9, 2019

The Arctic world is full of mystery, with many undiscovered secrets trapped within its icy embrace. For this reason, scientists are forever braving the cold and treacherous conditions, on the hunt for relics of the past that have been swallowed and preserved by ice. Because of the gradual increase in temperatures brought about by global warming, a great many things are once again being unearthed, or rather, un-iced, by these intrepid scientists. These new discoveries are always exciting, both for researchers and the public back home, serving as portals to the past, with some even dating back well into the time before the common era. Many of the discovered bodies are found perfectly preserved by their frozen tombs, allowing for in-depth examination and analysis.

The Copper Arrow
We have covered beasts of all sizes and the remnants of a plane. Now it’s time to show you an ancient weapon used during the good old days. Found inside an ice patch was this example of some of the earliest human technology: an arrowhead made from copper. If you don’t see anything extraordinary here, get this: it gives us proof that in the ancient times, people knew how to use metal. In other words, they were not as uncivilized as we initially thought.

Upon further investigation, scientists also discovered that the weapon was created the same way modern-day fish hooks are. The arrowhead is ready and primed for some triumphant hunting missions. Apparently, the technology back in the day (and the logic behind it) was far more advanced than we thought. They may not have had iPads and smartphones back then, but barbed spearheads were an incredible innovation nonetheless.