Golden Retriever Jumps Into Water – Returns a Hero

By | June 21, 2019

Dogs are, as the old saying goes, “man’s best friend.” They make the most faithful companions and often help their owners feel better psychologically and emotionally. While most dogs are dedicated to assisting their owners, it seems their kindness sometimes extends to other animals too, as you’re about to find out in this heroic dog tale!

Meet Storm, a healthy 6-year old Golden Retriever with a delightful personality. His owner, Mark Freely, loved taking him on daily walks. Like other dogs, Storm adored getting to go out for some exercise, especially because it meant getting a good dose of love and attention from his owner. One day, while out on one of his walks, a series of strange events unfolded in just the right way to change Storm’s life forever.

A Dog’s Instinct

One fateful day in Long Island Sound, Mark brought his dogs, including Storm, for a walk by the water. The location is a popular spot not only for dog-lovers but for nature-lovers too as it is one of the most peaceful and picturesque estuaries in America’s north.

Mark regularly brings his dogs to the area, so he and his furry friends knew the area quite well. As they strolled along the path that follows the estuary, they noticed something out of the ordinary going on in the water. Luckily, Storm was quick on his feet and acted immediately.