L&HH Star Tokyo Vanity Makes Anti-Black Comments & Social Media Is Pissed!

By | July 4, 2019

According to sources, Chris Brown has a policy against not allowing dark skinned girls into his VIP section when visiting a specific Los Angeles Club. The alleged policy didn’t sit well with Tokyo, and she had to let him know it. She posted, “@Chrisbrownofficial even though I’m blocked LMFAO it prolly took y’all 4 yrs to find a dark-skinned girl in his section …. y’all talking about one chick who he let in his section in Atlanta.”


She continued, “I’m talking about THE RULES he HAD IN HIS SECTION IN LA … I’m not bashing HIM cause I don’t give a f**k about HIS preference, because in life we all have preferences and are entitled to like what we like … but keep it 100% slime.”.

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