Yearbook Photos: Celebrity Edition

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Look What You Made Her Do

And the girl is none other than… Taylor Swift! Who would have guessed that the innocent girl in the previous photo would turn into this lovely woman who would constantly top the music charts, earning 23 Billboard Music Awards, 23 American Music Awards, and 10 Grammy Awards! To top it off, TayTay holds the number 8 spot of Instagram’s most followed accounts, with a whopping 111 million followers. 

Like any other successful artist, Taylor Swift’s career has not been without intrigues. Over the years, she has been the subject of many controversies. She has been scrutinized over and over for dating numerous guys and breaking up with them just a few months or years after. She has also had feuds with other celebrities such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry. She would not let any of these bring her down though, and would actually even use the negative publicity as inspiration for her songs. Who can forget her song, Bad Blood, which was said to be a jab at Katy?