Teenager Left With No Face After Going Somewhere We All Frequently Go

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Suth Ret, an 18 year old woman living in Cambodia, visited her dentist to get a tooth removed. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong! And the story gets scary.


Suth Ret developed an infection called necrotizing fasciitis after the operation. This is not something that you want to develop. Necrotizing fasciitis is also known as flesh eating disease. And that is exactly what it does. This infection occurs when bacteria enter the body through a break in the skin, such as a tooth extraction. Click next to read more about this type of infection.


A necrotizing fasciitis infection affects the body’s membrane called the “fascia,” which is a connective band of tissue and cells that surround all muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels. This infection is so aggressive that also attacks the tissue around the fascia. Click next to read more about this type of infection.

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Necrotizing fasciitis spreads quickly. The symptoms of the infection include blisters, fever, and fatigue. The patient also experiences pain much worse one would expect based on the wound’s appearance.

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