20 of the Most Surprising Stars with Twins

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12. Aimee Ann and Katy Ann Duffy

Aimee Ann and Katy Ann DuffyVia pophitz.com

Aimee Ann, or best known as Duffy, treats her fans to good music. However, even her fans do not know that she is a twin. Her twin sister and older sister are often seen participating in her music. What’s surprising is that the twin sisters lived separately after their parents’ divorce when they were 10. Reminds you of Parent Trap, doesn’t it? But now, the twins are the best of friends.

13. Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

Gisele and Patricia BundchenVia pophitz.com

The supermodel wife of Tom Brady is famous for her looks and there’s another person who shares those looks, her fraternal twin sister Patricia. Patricia came out five minutes after Gisele. They are very close and Patricia would have become a model just like her famous twin after getting modeling offers. However, Patricia chose to work as her sister’s manager and spokeswoman. They have four other sisters.

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