10 Most Evil Men In History Who Lived Like Kings

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Evil people deserve to suffer as much as their victims did. Unfortunately, there are many horrible people in history who not only indulged in their evil side, but also managed to enjoy a life of luxury, until they got caught. Some of these men are listed here.

1. Nicolas II

Nicolas II

Russia used to be ruled by the Czars, only to end with Nicholas II’s, who ruled the country from 1894 to 1917. While his countrymen wanted Russia to develop, the Czar stuck to old-style ruling to accommodate his preferred lifestyle. Nicholas II was more focused on attending parties with his fellow elites, not caring about his country or his people. He was an unwilling and ineffective leader, but he certainly liked the perks that came with his position. While his personal life flourished, allowing him to amass an estimated net worth of $300 billion, millions of Russians lived in despair and poverty. When the Russian Revolution started, Nicholas II abdicated his throne and was thrown into exile.

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