Chance The Rapper Slams Heineken For ‘Racist’ Commercial That Ends Wth The Slogan ‘Sometimes, Lighter Is Better’

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Another day, another brand who totally missed the mark.












Heineken has come under fire for a new commercial with the slogan ‘sometimes lighter is better.’ 

It immediately prompted backlash on social media.

Chance the Rapper was one of many calling the ad ‘terribly racist’.












Chance, 24, tweeted a clip of the commercial which features a bartender sliding a bottle of Heineken’s light beer to a woman.

She looks down sadly at a glass of wine. The bottle then passes a black man sitting at the bar, a black guitar player, and a black model.

It then lands on a fair skinned woman’s table.  

‘Sometimes lighter is better,’ the slogan reads as the commercial ends. The woman laughs along with two white men. 

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