20 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Older Than They Look

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Wherever celebrities bathe, you might want to get on with the secret as it may lead you to the fountain of youth. These celebrities do give that feeling as they look younger than they actually are.

Jim ParsonsVia wikimedia.org

1. Jim Parsons

When you see him clowning around, or nerding around, with his The Big Bang Theory co-stars, nobody would think that he’s about to hit 43! He looks and behaves childishly in his hit US sitcom that no one would believe if you insist he’s already in his 40s. Parsons does not only nail the neurotic nerd character, but also the look of a truly younger character.

2. Jason Earles

Jason EarlesVia disney.wiki.com

When Earls played the role of Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana character, he was supposed to be in his teens. The show started off with his character being a 16-year-old, yet he was already 29 years old at that time.

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