She had this zit for 6 YEARS! When she finally pushed.. This wouldn’t stop coming out!

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Okay, so you know you might be bored when you come to the point of being oddly fascinated by an 11 year old girl popping a 6 year old cyst. This is cringe-worthy and we aren’t quite sure what to think about it.

Real Cool Videos

After suffering enough embarrassment over the huge growth, the young girl and her mother decided to do something about it. And heck, why not video it for all the world to see while you’re at it! Because we all know the world needs more cyst-popping videos.

Real Cool Videos

The video has reached close to 17 million views. We don’t know whether to find that fascinating or just plain sad. But hey, it’s kinda like a medical dictionary resource in a way- to know that you can be okay and survive a 6 year old cyst. 

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