Y’all Remember The 2000s Singer R&B They Labeled The Next Beyonce? Well Check Her Out Now (She Hasn’t Aged At All)

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Do y’all remember Ameriie? Everyone back in the day was saying that she would be the next big thing. Despite a ton of talent, she never quite broke through. And that is a shame, as Ameriie has a lot of talent and really deserved fame.

Just Jared

The singer, whose full name is Ameriie Mi Marie Rogers, was never lacking in the talent department. She managed to pursue a lot of different careers in the entertainment industry. Ameriie also was never lacking in the looks department.


Ameriie’s debut 2002 album All I Have was critically acclaimed. The album showed off her talent and got her a lot of fans, and it got her a lot of respect for her unique voice. Click next to read more about Ameriie.

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