We’ve Got Video Proof Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Face Tattoos Are Fake! (Exlusive Pics & Live Stream Footage)

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A very famous radio personality recently leaked that the rapper’s facial tats were nothing more than mere face-paint done by an artist every couple of days and maybe this was Tekashi’s way of coming clean! I MEAN, HOW YOU GON LIVESTREAM WITH ZERO FACE TATS WHEN YOU KNOW DAMN WELL EVERYONE THINK YOU GOT A FACE-FULL OF TATS??!


That’s some triflin’ ish if you ask me…ESPECIALLY for a rapper that is trying to maintain the raw, super-hard image he seems to want to project. Man, once this news spreads like wildfire, this man might lose ALL his street cred. Not too cool for someone who curses like a sailor and dresses like a garbage-pail kid.

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