Top 15 Wealthiest Doctors In The World

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Doctors suffer a lot through school and expensive tuition to get to where they are, so they deserve to make a lot of money out of their profession. For these doctors, all their sacrifices through med school certainly paid off. Here are 15 of the wealthiest doctors in the world.

1. Patrick Soon-Shiong – $12.5 billion

Patrick Soon-Shiong


Patrick Soon-Shiong is one rich American surgeon, thanks to devoting his career to finding cancer treatment. He helped introduce the first ever protein nanoparticle delivery approved by the FDA for treating breast cancer. It is called the Abraxine and is now distributed to 40 countries. It is currently being tested as a treatment for other types of cancer. More than seeing patients, Soon-Shiong is also a medical researcher with 140 patents and 440 patent applications around the world. He has launched and sold two pharmaceutical companies worth billions of dollars.

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