Was Nicki Minaj’s Convicted Pedophile Brother Beaten Up In Jail Over Cardi’s Blood Connection?

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Nicki Minaj’s pedophile brother has apparently been brutally beaten in jail.


According to prison snitches, Maraj was attacked by a group of Bloods.

Nicki’s rap rival Cardi B has been a member of the Bloods gang since she was 16.

Sources say Blood prisoners were super angry after Nicki’s back and forth with Cardi on Monday.


So guess what? They took it out on Jelani Maraj.

A prison insider told us: “We don’t need no reason to beat up Jelani. He’s a child molester. But Cardi’s a Blood so anyone messes with her we got her back. All that mess with her and Nicki was just an excuse. He gets it daily.”

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