Tamar Braxton is not holding back! She’s leaking the details on husband Vince’s sex romps with girlfriends and the time he kicked her out of their home!

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Tamar Braxton just spilled tea all over the place about what happened to her 9 year marriage with Vince Herbert. It is NOT a pretty picture and Braxton has broken down and refused to hold back.


She’s been posting messages on her Instagram for a while that probably raised some eyebrows before the news came out about filing for divorce. Can you tell from posts like this that she was just really unhappy with her life?


A lot of people keep an unhappy marriage together for the sake of a child – which solves very little. What most people don’t understand is that you just teach that child to settle for unhappiness. Click on through to see what Braxton has decided she is NOT passing on to her son.

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