Survey Reveals The 10 Professions Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

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About half of all adults will cheat on a romantic partner at least once in their lifetime. A recent study of over 5,000 women sheds more light on this statistic.


Apparently the old adage “charity starts at home but infidelity starts at the office” is more than a saying but some old-school wisdom. More than 65% of respondents said their extramarital affair began in the workplace.


85% of respondents who cheated with a coworker expressed regret and that they would not do it again due to the havoc it could or did wreak on their personal and professional lives. Given the likelihood of her stepping out during working hours, it may come as no surprise that women in certain professions tend to cheat more than others. Keep reading to find out if your lady’s choice of livelihood should give you reason for pause.

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