20 of the Most Surprising Stars with Twins

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When you see celebrities, it is often hard to imagine having someone just like them in the world, unless of course if that someone also happened to be in the business. That is why it often comes a surprise when the twin of a famous celebrity shies away from the spotlight and was suddenly revealed to the world. Here are some of the most shocking stars who actually turned out to be a twin.

1. Vin Diesel and Paul

Vin Diesel and PaulVia pophitz.com

Vin Diesel has kept his twin brother, Paul Vincent, a secret as the latter chose to work on a more low-profile occupation in the industry as a film editor. Due to the media’s curiosity about how Paul looks like, there are many photos surfacing online about such speculations. To set the record straight, Vin released a photo of his twin and he’s not in any way similar to those edited photos online. In fact, when Vin decided to pick that photo with his twin Paul beside the late Paul Walker, his twin even looked more like Walker than Vin. Unlike the bald head Vin seems to favor, his twin is a salt-and-pepper hottie.

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