Stevie Jay Fired from Love and Hip Hop for laying hands on Erica Mena (But It Gets Worse!)

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DRAMA ALERT, YA’LL. Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop just got busted for putting his hands on Erica Mena. BUT HE DIDN’T STOP THERE. Nope, he went even further and you won’t believe what he did next.


Stevie J then proceeded to CALL ERICA MENA’S 11-YEAR-OLD SON A F–GOT. Yep. Last time I checked, that’s some hate-crime level s–t right there. Unforgivable and SO CHILDISH.


Luckily, it’s just come out that the producers of Love and Hip Hop have swiftly informed Stevie J that he is FIRED. And that fate ain’t too cold for the man, if you ask me. Sources went on to say he is flat-out banned from and completely unwelcome on the show any longer.


The whole incident occurred during a recent reunion show for L&HH. Things seemed fine at first but it didn’t take long for Stevie to go into full-on meltdown mode and start acting a fool. Some are even speculating that drug or alcohol use could be to blame for why Stevie’s behavior got so unacceptable so quickly.


Once Stevie began physically accosting (WTF?) Erica, security was IMMEDIATELY called in to the set of the show to break up the fight. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to get Stevie away from Erica and keep her out of harm’s way. But that’s when Stevie decided to fire off with some intense verbal abuse.


During this brutal tirade against the unsuspecting Erica, all sources agreed he officially went WAY too far when he chose to refer to Erica’s 11-year-old son as a “f–got.” Understandably, this was more than Erica could take and security had to proceed to escort Stevie from the building and hold off Erica from further escalating the situation. CRAZINESS, YA’LL.


Now I don’t mean to add fuel to the fire here, BUT HOW YOU GONNA CALL A LIL’ 11-YEAR-OLD A HATEFUL, HOMOPHOBIC SLUR LIKE THAT. YOU A GROWN MAN, STEVIE J. Ya’ll think he’s lucky that security was there to break up the fight??? Any mama that had to hear her innocent young son called something like that might be liable to mess a fool up REAL BAD.


Unfortunately, it sounds like Stevie’s public breakdown and spree of physical assaults did not stop there. No, he continued the rest of his evening by showing up to a Jhonni Braze performance unannounced. Shortly after that, he and Brittany straight unleashed a can on Braze too! Ya’ll – WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?


Here’s hoping that there is nothing in Stevie J’s contract that he can use to dispute any of the consequences to his insane and dangerous actions. Ya’ll think he’s gonna find a loophole and end up back on the show somehow? Lord, that would most definitely make for MAXIMUM TEA on the next season of Love and Hip Hop.


You know, as someone whose family was abandoned by his own mother, wouldn’t you think Stevie J would have more sense than this? Instead he’s seemingly coping with his own issues from his mama walking out by SEVERELY mistreating these women in his own life! In Erica Mena’s own words from a video she posted shortly after the attack, “Stevie J is a B–CH! And he likes to fight girls.” Ya’ll think this is the last we hear from him?…


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