Bye Felecia! Stevie J Just Replaced Joseline Hernandez With A Big Booty White Chick (And Lawd Is She Thick!)

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Say no more to power couple Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. Stevie J has a new girl in town from the land down under. Destiny Rydas is an Australian self-proclaimed dancehall artist who is gaining recognition for her catchy beats.


The two are supposedly mixing business with pleasure which is not new for the likes of Stevie J. In his decades of fame he has had 6 children with almost as many different mothers in the picture.  I wonder how Thanksgiving Dinner goes down for the likes of Stevie J?



All that aside, Destiny Rydas and Stevie J will be together in the next season of Love and Hip-hop. One can only speculate what might go down with this new pairing since Stevie J’s premiere in the VH1’s reality tv series started off with a messy love triangle with his then girlfriend- Mimi Faust- and his new puerto rican rapper girlfriend-Joseline Hernandez. Click Next to learn more…

How does a man keep his head on straight with so much drama? He lives for it is our guess! Stevie J has wasted no time in putting Joseline Hernandez in the past, having no shame in posting a behind the scenes of the pair naked and covered in body paint for one of Destiny’s projects.

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