Shaq and his ex-wife Shaunie just dropped $1M on their daughter’s “Sweet 16” birthday bash and it will go down in history! (Exclusive videos)

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Do you remember turning 16 years old? Did you want it to be the best party of your life?


Or, were you content to play video games or watch goofy movies with your friends all night? Well, Shaq’s little girl’s all grown up and legal to drive so he joined forces with his ex to throw the Sweet 16 Party of the Century!

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What do you think happens to the kids of famous parents when they grow up and become parents themselves? Will the Sweet 16 that cost $1million come back to haunt Mimi in her sleep, or, will the grandparents still be around to make sure everything rocks? Click on through to see the videos of Mimi’s private concert party!

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