Top 21 Richest Actresses In the World

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A successful acting career also means a healthy bank account. The estimated net worth of these actresses will show us just how bankable their skills are, how great their ability to sell is, and how good they are at managing their fortune. Click on this list to see the wealthiest actresses in the world.

1. Dina Merrill – $5.1 billion

Dina Merrill

At 92, Dina Merill has billions at her disposal. She started acting in the 50s and 60s. She has 22 movies to her name and several television appearances. However, her billions did not come from her acting career alone. Merrill comes from a wealthy family, her father being Wall Street banker Edward Francis Hutton and her mother Marjorie Merriweather, who was once named as the richest woman in the world after inheriting the Post Cereals fortune. Aside from flexing her acting skills and getting her lifetime achievement award from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she also proved herself to be a savvy businesswoman.

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