Rapper French Montana Is Banging The Entire Industry! Guess Which Pop Star French Is Dating Now! (Exclusive Receipts)

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French Montana. His love life is getting to be legendary. He has been linked to so many hot women in Hollywood. So we were not exactly shocked when we heard that he has a new honey.


French Montana’s name might sound like a small city in Big Sky Country, but he is actually a hip hop artist with a fascinating international past.


How many international hip hop stars can you think of? And French Montana’s personal history is about as interesting as his romantic escapades with so many hot Hollywood ladies. Click next to read more about French Montana’s past.


French Montana moved to the United States when he was 13. Before that, though, he lived in another country. Karim Kharbouch, or as we know him better French Montana, grew up outside of Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and one of the most important cities in Africa. He was born in Rabat, Morocco.

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