Rapper Cardi B Totally Melts Down On Twitter After She’s Exposed For Calling Black People ‘Roaches’ And Gay People ‘Trannys’!

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Cardi B is known for being outspoken and, sometimes, a little crude. Generally, we love that behavior. We love a brash woman who does not censor herself! But sometimes Cardi B’s mouth, and what comes out of it, gets to be a bit much.


Y’all, we really want to love Cardi B. Really. But sometimes we hear stuff and we cannot get behind her 100%. One of these is the fact that, according to both Cardi B’s fans and detractors, some tweets have racist tones to them.


In Cardi B’s defense, she is very brash, but she also responds positively when she is called out on stuff. In the past, when she has been called out, she has done her best to fix any controversial or potentially offensive language that she uses. Click next to read more.

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