R Kelly’s Brother Exposes Him For Impregnating His 14 Year Old Cousin! (They Have A Baby)

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The latest accusations come from his Kelly’s own brother, Carey. He has previously commented before that his brother has a problem with underage girls. He claimed in a 2006 interview that R. Kelly offered him $50,000, a record deal and even a house, if he would tell the world he was the one in the infamous sex tape that allegedly featured the “Ignition” singer with an young girl.


Now in a recent interview, R Kelly’s brother is making even more startling revelations.

He claims his famous brother groomed his own 14-year-old cousin by paying her to come and clean his home. When he gained her trust he started to abuse her. 

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According to R Kelly’s brother, the singer would take his 14-year-old cousin into his bedroom and close the door.

Carey claims that he later found out that R Kelly was abusing with his cousin when she later had a child. Carey believes that the child is R Kelly’s, even though no DNA test was taken.

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