Prayers: Young N’ The Restless star reportedly tries to kill himself for very sad reason

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Allegedly, Kristoff St. John from “The Young N’ The Restless” had a recent breakdown inspiring his ex-wife, Mia, to call for law enforcement to intervene. His reasons for his outburst are worth our time to consider and worth the lives of people we love to get past the discomfort to discuss.

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The lives behind the screen are just as messy and complicated as our own – they’re not special. Acting is their JOB. They still wake up to this world with a real life cast of characters and situations which guide their ultimate destiny.

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St. John threatened to kill himself to choke out the sadness passed on by his late son. If you think passing on feelings are traits are supposed to go the other way around, you would normally be right – save in this one particular situation. Click next to learn more.

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