Phaedra From The ATL Housewives Is Now Dating a Handsome, Rich And Famous Hollywood Actor! (Exclusive Pics)

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Phaedra Parks has a little bit of a reputation for setting thirst traps. So we were a little skeptical, but of course interested, when we heard that she has a new man.

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But just who is it? And is it actually love for Phaedra and her new man or just another thirsty attempt to get attention for herself?

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Phaedra Parks’ personal life has been all over the news for a long time thanks to her role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was in the show’s main cast from seasons 3 to 9. Click next to read more about the latest news about Phaedra’s love life.


Her divorce from Apollo Nida made headlines. Other than that, Phaedra’s love life has been pretty quiet and out of the news.

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