Omarosa Just Got Tossed Out Of The White House By Donald Trump – They Literally Had To Have Security Throw Her Out Of The Oval! (Full Details)

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Reality TV has its place in our world as a form of entertainment and basically venue for schadenfreude. The 15 minutes of fame it provides its stars should be exactly that: 15 minutes of fame before returning to total obscurity.


The United States shocked and disappointed most of the world when it decided last year to go ahead and base our political system on the reality show model. We even inducted one of its grossest, most bloated stars as commander in chief who decided his The Apprentice style leadership was warranted of the highest elected office.


45 promised to “drain the swamp” but failed to mention he wished to replace said swamp with a cesspool populated by shrill, hateful losers like himself. Due to his racist rhetoric, 45 also had to fend off accusations of racism by brining along his favorite token The Apprentice alum, Omarosa. Looks like now she’s… fired!

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