New Evidence: Female Cop Murdered Botham Jean In Cold Blood Because He Was ‘Noisy Neighbor’!

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It’s a bizarre and puzzling case that has left the city of Dallas reeling.


Officer Amber Guyger “accidentally” walked into 26-year-old Bothan Jean’s apartment.

She then claims she mistook him for a burglar and shot him – only realizing her stupid mistake when she switched on the light in his darkened apartment. 

The Harding University graduate was rushed to hospital where he was sadly pronounced dead. 30-year-old Dallas Police Officer has come under intense scrutiny and anger for her senseless actions.


Guyger has told investigators that she’s “devastated” over the incident and claims it was a “tragic accident.”

But a new report has emerged detailing how a personal vendetta caused Officer Guyger to kill Botham Jean.

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