20 Models Who Used Their Flaws Into Their Biggest Draws

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Most models epitomize flawless and almost perfect physical appearance. But there are a few of them who simply learn to embrace their flaws and make the most of themselves to appear perfect. Not only so, they sometimes even use those flaws as advantage to stand out from the rest. It is really how we exploit the factors that make us different from the rest that mark us out as “beautiful,” as we will see from these international models.




First, being heavily bullied in her childhood and teenage years, Chantelle Brown-Young tried suicide to escape from it all. She has been suffering from a skin condition called vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation defect. Later, she learned to live with it and even brag about it. The modeling world saw it and soon she was offered modeling jobs, even offered a slot on “America’s Next Top Model.”



Being among striking models today, you wouldn’t think that once in her life she suffered from albinism from birth. It turned her skin white, her eyes green and her hair blonde. But the problem with these is that they don’t match up with her African-American features. Consequently, she was either bullied or admired for it. Finally, one admirer suggested a modeling career to her.

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