MJ’s Daughter Checks Wendy Williams For Talking Foul About Her Brother & Grandma Katherine

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Michael Jackson’s daughter is not having it with Wendy Williams. Paris Jackson (19) clearly can’t stand the talk show host and has no problems expressing it to her or anyone for that matter. At least she is telling her opinion.


If you are asking why Paris hates Wendy so much then I am about to give you the answer. Some people love wendy for this but also a lot of people hate her for it, she oftentimes has some offensive and sometimes uncalled for opinions on her fellow celebs. it is up to you if you hate or love her because of this.


What had happened for Paris to hate Wendy even more is that on Thursday (11/2/17), Paris took to Twitter to clap back at one of Wendy’s many opinions about the Jackson Family. Wendy replied with a photo of MJ’s mom, Katherine Jackson, and his youngest son Blanket “Bigi” Jackson (15) with a link to her Hot Topic story about them. Really Wendy?


Wendy’s caption read: Have you heard the latest Jackson family drama? and here is what was reported on her sit about it: Via WendyShow: More drama for the Jackson family. Michaels mother Katherine has filed court documents to stop being Blankets guardian. Katherine says now that Blanket is 15 cousin TJ can handle guardianship on his own. TJ has six kids of his own! Eighty-seven-year-old Katherine said her age is one of the main reasons she is stepping down.

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