Meet Fetty Wap’s 6 Smoking Hot Baby Mamma’s – (Yes SIX. Fetty’s Had Five Babies In The Past 2 Years Alone!)

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Fetty Wap’s genes are sprouting all over the place – his progeny is growing by the minute! Do you expect to see some amazing music in the next 20 years with all these musician’s babies in the world?

Elite Daily

You probably already knew Fetty Wap has at least three babies… MTO recently reported he may actually have six!? Let’s take a head count for the ones we know and then we’ll give you the inside scoop on what MTO suspects are some secret babies!


Are you doubtful there could be children of Fetty Wap’s the world has never heard of? Or, do you think some cover up isn’t out of the question at the suspected rate he’s making new life?

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