After Many Black Celebs Support Kid Who Was Badly Bullied, Mom Gets Exposed As ‘Racist’

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The 2016 election and subsequent administration has emboldened racists across the country in many ways. From sympathizing with neo-Nazi murderers in Charlottesville to belittling African-American football players who take a knee, racists no longer feel they should hide their beliefs in shame.


Trump has also consistently proven that it’s ok to bully others, whether for their appearance, race or disability. One child is now in at the center of a controversy involving both bullying and racism.


Kimberly Jones recently posted a video of her son Keaton sobbing due to bullying he faced at school. The video went viral and the support the boy garnered, particularly by African American celebrities, is now being called into question. Read more to get the full scoop on the piece of garbage this boy calls “Mom”.

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